When Division = Multiplication

“Bring them here to me,” (Matthew 14:18)

I love this story in Matthew 14:14-21. Jesus had spent hours teaching and ministering to the people. It was around 3:00 pm and well passed lunch time. The disciples were concerned that they were out in a remote place with nowhere for the people to go and get food. The Bible says 5,000 men. Traditional calculations say around 15,000 when you include women and children (How would you like that kind of crowd popping in unannounced this Thanksgiving?).

The people just couldn’t leave. They were surely hungry, but it was another kind of appetite they needed satisfied.

The disciples saw things as getting desperate and were worried about the outcome. Jesus said, “they don’t need to go away. You give them something to eat.”

God wants to do the supernatural, and He wants us believe for it too

They were still thinking too small…..all we have are these five loaves of bread, and two measly fish.

We do that too!

Daddy says, I’m here….cast your cares on Me….I go before you…..I go behind you….no weapon formed against you will prosper….I have plans to prosper you…..I give you the Comforter….I give you my Son….you’re in the palm of my hand….I divide the seas…..I raise people from the dead….bring fire from heaven……create something out of nothing….and I’ve got this too

Sometimes things seem impossible. We’ve tried in our own strength and we’re still not seeing the big picture.

Daddy says, “Bring them to me.”

When a child has a broken toy, and tinkers away for a while trying to fix it, Daddy says, “Bring that to me.” What the child has put so much effort into attempting to do seems so effortless now as Daddy fixes it with ease.

Jesus says, “Bring them here to me”


those issues
that mess…
your brokenness…
that marriage…
that potential man/woman…or lack thereof…
that job…or lack thereof…
your family…
that past…
that child that has stepped away from the church…
that situation you just can’t seem to forgive…
that situation you just can’t seem to get forgiveness for…
all…..them ALL
Bring them all to Him

And don’t hesitate at the multiple problems….”them” is plural….take it ALL

Jesus told them to sit down. Bring them to me and sit down—-I’ve got this…..sit down and rest while I do my thing.

Then…..and don’t miss this….Jesus broke the bread, and then it multiplied!

Did you catch it? Multiplication happens out of brokenness!

It’s when that thing breaks me–when I let it go–take it to Him–and sit it out–and let Him work–that His blessing multiplies

Whatever measly things we have….whatever seems hopeless, or too big…..take it to your Daddy first. He’s reaching for you and asking you to Bring them to Him. Obey. Take it to Him and sit down and watch Him do His thing.

Happy Thanksgiving from all the gang here! We love you all and pray abundant blessings for you, your family, your calling, your church, your work. This office will be closed through Monday. Give everyone great big hugs as you celebrate and enjoy Thanksgiving together.

Walk closely with the King!


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