This is me….minding my own business…..praying to God about what He has for me and BAM! He bamboozles me in a huge and unexpected way….and I love it! He Holy hoodwinked me! Suddenly, I am becoming an adoptive foster mom, a writer, a visionary….all with a calling set apart to powerfully equip others. I laugh and laugh and LAUGH at how He does things (especially because He chose little ole me!). Yes, a true sanctified side-swipe that was totally Godivaded. Godivated, a new word I made up—-God+motivated=Godivated…funny huh? I know, not really but I like it.
Join me dear one as we laugh together, cry together, laugh again, celebrate and get Godivated and just do life together with Christ, my Totally Other, who is not me.


Please comment! I love hearing what's on your heart

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