Dadada….introductions, please

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my family. It’s the sweet and loving, refuge ordained by God. Our home is a sweet refuge for we tired, inspired, learning, energized, funny, sweet, work-a-holic people who make up the Rawls family.

Allow me to introduce you…

This is my sweet hubby. His name is James. His childhood friends and family call him Duner. I call him J, and so do some of our newer friends. I guess they picked it up from me. My favorite way of referring to him is “mine”. He is mine and I am his. The pic says 2005 but he looks the same now. This man is truly the head of our home, to whom I gladly submit as a man who leads as Christ leads him. He puts skin on Ephesians Chapters 5 & 6 in our family. He is our rock….steady, sweet, wise and sure pastor of our team…TEAM RAWLS. I am head-over-hills-madly-in-love with this man. We are best friends and tell each other everything.

This is little ole me. Christ follower…Jesus spreader…counseling….teaching… I stay excited over what God does with, in and through His people. I’ve been a missionary on two continents. I am hot in love with my Savior.

This is my first born, my sweet son, Brandon. Isn’t he handsome? I snapped this one day when he was at his desk studying. He’s in college, getting his degree in Biblical Studies. He is called to be a church planter and is recently begun working on planting his first one with a pastor friend of ours. The church is called Life Road. More on that to come. He is so witty, and makes new friends everywhere he goes. He is best friends with his sister and everyone knows he’s very protective of her….that’s a warning, ha!

This is my daughter, Braden. Isn’t she beautiful? Ohhh….how we get in trouble laughing together! We get out shopping or eating or doing nothing together and laugh that have-to-sit-down-before-you-fall-down-crying-tears-makeup-washed-away kind of laughing. J and Brandon have self control and sit calmly and that makes us laugh more. She has just answered the call to be a missionary. She is bold for her Savior and makes everyone laugh. She loves encouraging other girls in their walk and is so clever and magnetic.

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