Voices, Voices all around…..

When my daughter was born, there was great rejoicing. Her brother, convinced she solely belonged to him, was so happy to have “his” baby. The very minute she was born, she made us laugh. She truly amazed me from the womb, listening and following her brothers voice and touch, moving as I moved, still as I was still. Impressive from the beginning. She was just days old when my living room was full of women. We laughed and talked, talked and laughed. I went into the kitchen to wash dishes and clean up. Laugher and women’s voices were still happy and full in the other room. I returned and sat listening and smiling for a bit. As I started talking, Braden’s little face turned in my direction from across the room. That busy, loud room full of female voices. My mom turned her little face back towards her in amusement, only to find that once I started talking, her little face again would turn. This began to be a game as I began to talk very softly, and again that sweet little face turned in my direction….in all that noise. She knew my voice. Mixed with all those many voices, she immediately knew my voice even when I spoke softly.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me. John 10:27

God is so available to us in the midst of all the noise of this world…..we will hear His voice….His voice will guide us….and He knows us. He really knows us. He’s not some huge being out there somewhere only directing the big traffic of life…..He’s in our hearts, touching us cheek to cheek. He’s personal, present and upfront in our lives. He gets us. He knows our name, how many hairs are on our heads and loves us so much and thinks we are to die for! You are not forgotten. He hears you….do you hear Him? Turn your sweet face in His direction and follow Him.


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