Are you kidding me??

God has always amazed me. The things He does, the way He does them. Just astounding….mostly because He chooses me to do anything. That is most crazy part for me….that I ever get to have a part. Imperfect me. The following is one example of this radical life He has called me to:

I was on my way to run some errands and had my 4 year old daughter with me. All of a sudden, God told me to turn into the hospital. I parked my vehicle and when I got inside, He said, “Go to the elevator and get off on the second floor, there’s a woman there I want you to talk to”. While in the elevator, my daughter asked what we were doing. I told her the truth, that God wanted us to do something for Him, that He wanted me to talk to a lady that needed help. She simply said, “ok”. Simply said, ok….wow….what an example of simply following…no questions asked! “Go to the waiting room, she is there reading a Bible and doesn’t understand something. I want you to walk up to her and ask her if she understands what she’s reading and answer her questions”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Really?? A modern day reenactment of Acts Chapter 8:26-40?? If I get off of this elevator and see an Ethiopian lady reading from Isaiah, I’m going to pass out…..she is going to think I’m crazy, and I just might agree with her….maybe I am crazy……ok…..if I’m going to be crazy, I’ll be crazy for you, Lord.
There are a few waiting areas but when the elevator doors opened, He told me which one to go to….and there she was…..a little Ethiopian lady reading the Bible. Thinking I’m all in now and there’s no turning back, I walked up to her, rolling Isaiah over in my mind. I find she isn’t in Isaiah, but in the Gospels (whew!). I explained some things she didn’t understand and led her into my sweet Savior’s arms. She asked me to go back with her to her husband’s room and help her share what happened. Thinking, “honey, you don’t know the half of it”, I agreed. God moved, and I was able to lead him into my sweet Savior’s arms as well.
Taking my daughter’s hand, I walked away expecting to be “snatched away somewhere up North” (I wasn’t! Ha!….go read the story!)
Marveling at what had just happened, He said, last week you worshipped Me and sang, Have Thine Own Way Lord, from your heart and I was listening…..


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