Draw Near

I’ve just returned from a four day retreat. Ahhhh! Feel my smile? I had such a powerful experience that my soul is resting so peacefully in! I’ll say it again…..ahhhh! I am so glad it happened when it did because October is an extremely busy month. God told me back in late summer that October was going to be an increase and a speeding up in things for my family…..and He wasn’t kidding! Our home is usually hustling and moving. All of us here work hard and serve hard in several areas of ministry. So far, my husband, son and I have each been on one trip separately at different times to different areas, two members of my family will be leaving the country on a mission trip, then three members are leaving for two different trips out, I have two conferences I’m serving at, and one I’m speaking at….all this in addition to our usual things we do, like working regular jobs….all in October!! People are at my house throughout and the security cameras and alarm systems stay on.

It is so important to stay grounded and close to the Lord at all times. In busy times it’s tempting to skip out on our quiet time (I like to call it cuddle time) and studying of the Word with Daddy. It’s tempting to sleep in juuuust a little longer. Don’t fall for it! We have to be on guard at all times, especially in busy work…even if that work is for the Lord. I began telling my family several weeks ago that October was going to be extremely intense with activity so stay close to His Word and communication with Him. Along with the busyness we need to draw near to God and He will draw near to us. James 4:8


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